Receive Prayer at the push of a button

Connecting those seeking prayer with intercessors instantly

In the interconnected digital world we live in today, something amplified by COVID-19, our vision to be a platform powering on-demand prayer has never been more relevant!

*Believing for a 24/7 Innovation Center in Kona, Hawaii

Recently, we have had the privilege of living out the early Acts church, where we live with one another, break bread with one another, worship with one another, work alongside one another, and pray with one another every day - ensuring there is no need amongst us.

What resulted from this experience, was a deeper understanding of biblical community, and how important it is to seek the throne room together. We have seen the Holy Spirit anoint specific people for upcoming assignments, while also witnessing healings ranging from emotional, physical, and mental restorations; all on top of strengthening our foundations and reaffirming biblical truths about the nature of God, and our original designs.

We believe God is beckoning the church back to its founding principles found in Acts, based on our own experiences, as well as hearing first-hand accounts, about the organic, Spirit led adoption, of the same model across the world!!!

We want to incorporate a 24/7 prayer & worship center, with a co-working space, because we know there will be an overflow of kingdom centric businesses, methods, and relationships birthed and strengthened as a result - Maranatha!